Oyster is very selective about the assets it sources and the property investments it chooses, focusing on ‘characteristics’ which make them suitable for investors in the long term.

We place emphasis on our secondary market, which is strong and healthy. The impact of Oyster’s acquisition policy on the success of the re-sale market cannot be underestimated.

We know that the higher the quality of asset, the better the performance and, consequently, the higher the demand for interests in that asset on the re-sale market. We acknowledge too, that from time-to-time, investors may want or need to sell their shares in a property for a variety of reasons.

Market dynamics affect the liquidity and price of all assets and syndicated property is not immune to this. However, one of Oyster’s core capabilities – apart from the experience gained syndicating property for over 25 years – is the effectiveness of our re-sale market.

Most re-sales of interests occur by sale to existing holders of interests in the same proportionate ownership scheme. Interests are first offered to the existing investors in the particular property or fund. Investors are free to set their own price and to sell themselves or through their own agent; however, in most cases, Oyster provides guidance and facilitates sales.

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Rich Lyons
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