Oyster has approximately 1200+ unique investors and a further 4,000+ prospective investors who subscribe to Oyster’s new offers and re-sales. We provide a re-sale market service to existing investors should they wish to sell their interest(s) in a proportionate ownership scheme.

At the time of a re-sale enquiry, Oyster will provide a summary of the asset’s performance and comparable re-sale evidence to assist the investor in establishing their asking price. As each unique investor owns their interest(s), it is their responsibility to set the asking price and their preferred settlement date, prior to Oyster marketing the investment for re-sale.

Once an asking price and settlement timeframe is agreed with the existing investor, they can consider the following options to sell their investment:

  1. market to select Oyster investors or prospective investors (without formal advertising) who have previously expressed their interest to invest in a scheme;
  2. market to all existing Oyster investors within the scheme; and/or
  3. market to all exisiting Oyster investors outside of the scheme and all prospective investors who subscribe to Oyster’s new offers and re-sales.

Oyster always take instruction from the seller to choose their preferred method(s) of sale.

The interest re-sale details, the latest quarterly investor update, annual report and audited financial statements are made available to all prospective investors. A copy of the governing deed and latest valuation is also available on request.

Once an existing or new investor commits to the interest, Oyster prepares all the documentation which consists of a sale & purchase agreement for the interest(s) and a deed of accession which binds the new investor to the terms of the existing scheme. The fully executed documents are then returned to Oyster and the purchaser deposits their funds to Oyster to be passed onto the vendor on settlement date. Generally, investors prefer to settle at the end of the month to avoid apportioning monthly distributions, however if both parties agree a specified settlement date, Oyster can accommodate this provided the documentation is executed accordingly.

Oyster may charge an administration fee, of up to 2% plus GST of the transaction value, for arranging the successful transfer. This fee is payable by the seller.

Oyster provide liquidity to investors whatever their reason for wanting to part ways with their investment. Due to our extensive investor database and investor relationships, almost all our re-sales gain commitment from investors between 1-5 working days following the initial marketing. 

To investment enquiries, please contact:

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Rich Lyons
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