Oyster has many years of successfully managing commercial office property. Operating nationally and providing accommodation to government, international, national and local tenants, Oyster has developed a comprehensive management model for the benefit of all investors which includes:

  • Assessing risks to capital value and the value of rental cashflow and providing strategies to minimise the exposure to owners
  • Providing analysis of the impact of economic factors (both positive and negative) on returns from the asset
  • Identifying areas of added value and operating cost efficiencies within the existing property structure and considering trends in the property market and the micro-environment of the property to identify future opportunities

Oyster's team are always anticipating the best policy to ensure value appreciation by maximising returns in relation to the market place dynamics.

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Level 18, 55 Shortland Street,
Auckland, New Zealand

P.O. Box 8302, Symonds Street 1150,
Auckland, New Zealand

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