Because Oyster has extensive relationships in the commercial property market, it is presented with new property offerings every day. The few which are deemed worthy of further consideration are subjected to a rigorous vetting process using comprehensive criteria.

Key investment criteria include:

  • Quality property in main urban centres
  • Proximity to main arterial transport routes
  • Condition of building(s); flexibility to accommodate future occupiers
  • Land assessment for potential defects and suitable zoning
  • Financial strength and core activities of incumbent tenant(s)
  • Scrutiny of lease agreements and documentation

Critically, when purchasing property, Oyster places heavy emphasis on future tenancy potential, in order to provide investors with long term security in both income and value.

Oyster’s policy and overriding principle is to ‘buy the property not the tenant’.


The Oyster team has many combined years of experience in successful retail asset management, retail development, retail planning and leasing.

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In a tight leasing market Oyster’s tenacity is driving positive results and fostering strong long-term tenant relationships.

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Oyster's management of industrial properties involves a long-term approach to ensuring the optimum fit between tenant and property.

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